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Why Are So Many MMA Fighters Truthers, Conspiracists, And Just Plain Weird?

I Don't Want To Make A Whole Thing Out Of It But I Totally Should've Gotten Play Of The Game For This

Modder tapped to make a standalone game based on 'Battle Royale' mods

Modder Brendan Greene is moving to South Korea to work with Tera dev Bluehole on a new standalone PC game, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, based on his popular "Battle Royale" Arma mods. ...

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Blog: You better be counting your ad revenue

Developers should be looking at both the revenue generated from ads and in-app purchases in order to determine ARPU, says Kongregate's Jeff Gurian. ...

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Theory Discussion

The lore of the legendary Zelda series offers as many puzzles as the games themselves. With the approach of Breath of the Wild, our Zelda experts wrestle with Hyrule's biggest mysteries.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Biggest Unanswered Questions

Scarlett Johansson Is Highest-Grossing Actress Ever

Left 4 Dead 3 Might Have Been Teased By Valve Employee

Justice League: The Major Things We Know So Far

The Logo

Although we're more than a year away from actually seeing the Justice League movie, recent set visits revealed quite a bit about the November 2017 film, Justice League.

Warning: There are going to be spoilers for the film here.

The logo was revealed for the film, which incorporates a star. While that may not seem like a big deal, in the original comic series, the logo contained a few stars on its borders.

It's One Movie, Not Two

Producer Deborah Snyder has come out during these set visits and said that Justice League is a standalone movie and not part one of a two-part series.

They Are a Third of the Way Through Filming

It was revealed that it will be a 111-day shoot and at the time of the set visit, on June 15, it was day 31. Director Zack Snyder has been tweeting images from the set.

There's a Big Shift in Tone

Batman v Superman was dark, gritty, and grim. Justice League isn't going to be like that. Numerous reports state that the film will be geared towards all audiences and a bit lighter, overall, which includes a bit more humor.

Producer Deborah Snyder discussed this during Vulture's set visit: "What's really great is that where we were going is kind of what the audience was wanting, which is a good thing. We just had to take the characters from somewhere [dark] to bring them up to where they are now."

Ezra Miller's Flash Brings Humor to the Film

Numerous reports from the set are not only saying that the cast is in great spirits while filming, but they're also saying that Ezra Miller, who is playing Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, is bringing some good humor to the role. Many are speculating he will be the breakout star.

Steppenwolf is the Villain

There was been a lot of speculation as to who would be taking on the Justice League, and it was recently revealed to be Steppenwolf. We saw a hologram version of the character in a deleted scene from Batman v Superman, posted by Warner Brothers on YouTube. The character has not been officially cast yet, but previous reports suggested they have narrowed down the choice to a few actors

If you want to know more about Steppenwolf, get a quick 101 on the character here.

Willem Dafoe Plays Vulko

Willem Dafoe was cast, but up until now, who he was playing remained a secret. It was revealed during the set visits that Dafoe will be playing Vulko, the royal advisor to Aquaman. Dafoe will be in a full Atlantean costume and will be a supporting character, not a villain like many people speculated. Vulko will more than likely appear in the 2018 Aquaman film as well.

Amber Heard Plays Mera

Speaking of Atlantis, Amber Heard's role will be Mera, the wife of Aquaman and queen of Atlantis. While Mera has a pretty complicated background, she's a really dynamic and interesting character. However, the chances of Justice League getting into any of that are slim to none. Much like Vulko, her involvement in this film may be brief.

J.K. Simmons Is Getting Jacked for His Role

J.K. Simmons' trainer, Aaron Williamson, has been posting photos of the actor during his workouts, and he looks jacked. Simmons will be playing Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming film, and he's already ripped for the role.

Zeus Will Be in It

There will be a history lesson section to the film where Zeus appears. There wasn't too much else revealed as to how this character will be involved. It sounds like a quick cameo.

Atlantis, Themyscira, and More

Justice League will tell the background story of ancient civilizations and how they play into the film. We'll be seeing Atlantis, Themyscira, Krypton, and the mortal world. In addition, we'll be getting Atlantis during different time periods, building steam towards the solo Aquaman film.

How the Mother Boxes Play Into the Film

There's a little bit of conflicting information here. The majority of reports state that the Amazons, humans, and Atlantians have the three Mother Boxes in the movie. Each of them will be a different color. However, a report from Forbes says there are four Mother Boxes, with the fourth going to Krypton, Superman's home planet, which blew up in Man of Steel. The Mother Box will be the McGuffin for the film. They have great power within them and allow users the ability to travel great distances.

Justice League Takes Place Months After BvS

According to numerous reports, Justice League takes place just a few months after BvS. We'll still be able to see the aftermath of what happened in Dawn of Justice.

Superman Will Appear, One Way or Another

Major BVS spoilers coming! At the end of Dawn of Justice, Superman was dead. It seems a little strange that a Justice League film wouldn't contain the Man of Steel though. Producer Deborah Snyder talked about the fact that we will be seeing Superman. She's a bit cryptic, but it seems like Superman will be in the film:

"Obviously, Superman is part of the Justice League. And we know where we ended up with him. And there wouldn't be a Justice League without Superman, but I think his way back to us ... we don't want to really spoil that. But he is here."

Scientists Are Being Kidnapped

The reason the Justice League is getting together is to investigate kidnappings across the world. Early on, eight scientists have been taken by Parademons. As the story progresses forward, Cyborg's father, Silas Stone, is taken as well.

Batman Has New Toys

Batman will be debuting a couple of new vehicles in Justice League. The first is the Night Crawler, which was described as a tank on four treads that can also maneuver through tougher areas by having metal, spider-like appendages come out of it.

In addition, there's also the Flying Fox, an incredibly large flying vehicle that sounds more like a cargo plane than anything else. Producer Deborah Snyder discussed the vehicle while talking with SlashFilm: "[I]f you’re gonna have a whole Justice League, we have to find a way to transport them. So we have the Flying Fox. It fits all of them, but it also can fit a vehicle in it, so we can bring the Batmobile into the Flying Fox."

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Wreck-It Ralph Will Break the Internet in 2018 Sequel

20 Years Later, Few Nintendo Games Have Lived Up To Super Mario RPG

I Built a Robot Army in XCOM 2's New DLC

XCOM 2: Shen's Last Gift - Video Preview

Mike previews Shen's Last Gift, the latest DLC for XCOM 2 from Firaxis. With the introduction of Sparks units, XCOM 2 is now complete with a dream team of six character classes.

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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Adds New Challenges, Races, and Rewards

Next Hitman Elusive Target: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Here’s a trailer for the “cinematic” story mode that’s being added to Street Fighter V tomorrow via

Here’s a trailer for the “cinematic” story mode that’s being added to Street Fighter V tomorrow via a free update. More details on the update, including pricing if you want to play the game’s new characters right away ($6) is over at Capcom’s blog.

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How Game Of Thrones' Battle Of The Bastards Was Made

An expanded focus on VR/AR experiences sets VRDC apart from GDC

Now that the first standalone VRDC is in production, organizers would like to celebrate what sets the November event apart from GDC, which also encompasses VR/AR game design talks. ...

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'Largely ignored' kids market could be Nintendo's golden goose

Intelligence outfit DFC believes Nintendo is well placed to capitalise on the "tremendous opportunity" presented by the under-12 market, described by the group as the "lost console generation." ...

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Wreck-It Ralph 2 Confirmed, Here's When It's Coming

Hitman’s fifth Elusive Target, The Gunrunner, will be available in Marrakesh for 72 hours starting J

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See Street Fighter 5's Rejected Characters, Including "Fighting President" and One Inspired by AvP

Watch New Trailer for Street Fighter 5's Cinematic Story Mode

Twitch's Official Stance On Poop, Butt, and Orgasm Emotes Is Amazing

Blog: How to ask a developer for a game key

There are a lot of people out there trying to scam keys from developers like us, which has made us come up with a certain procedure we need to have every time we get a code request. ...

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Remastered Bioshock collection to include never-before-seen director's commentary

2K has confirmed it'll be releasing a remastered BioShock collection later this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  ...

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How Battlefield 1's Air Combat Has Changed

Rob and Mike analyze Battlefield 1's impressive air combat featured in the alpha build. While the game is still being developed, they cover crafts and pilot damage, fighter and bomber strategies, and the beloved behemoth.

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BioShock Remasters Run at 1080p/60fps, Free PC Upgrade Offer Detailed

Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray and VOD Bonus Material Revealed

Top 10 Spider-Man Comic Costumes

Spider-Man has one of the most iconic costumes in comics, but there were over 20 versions. Tony walks us through the top 10.

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The Division: Underground DLC First Impressions - The Lobby

Tay shares his early impressions of The Division's first paid DLC Underground. The fight has gone subterranean, check out the latest.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild--All The New Things You Can Do

Wild Possibilities

The gameplay possibilities in the expansive world of the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have expanded far beyond anything we've seen from the series previously. This is in part thanks to the plethora of new features and abilities added into the game. From expanded combat options to the introduction of a jump button, here's everything new we’ve noticed in Breath of the Wild.

See anything we didn't cover? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check back as we update this gallery with more features and abilities as we learn more about the game.

Sheikah Slate

Twilight Princess has its wolf transformation, Minish Cap has its shrinking hat, and Breath of the Wild has the Sheikah Slate: an all-important, all-purpose tablet. The Sheikah Slate is Hyrule’s equivalent of a smartphone. Link can press the slate up against panels to open doors, flip through it to organize his equipment and weapons, look through it as a scope to zoom in on far-off locations, and use it to view the world map. The Sheikah Slate can also gain access to special Runes, which grant it access to a multitude of useful abilities.

There’s a weird precedent in Zelda games for fourth wall-breaking items: Ocarina of Time’s Stone of Agony looks exactly like an N64 Rumble Pack, and Wind Waker’s Tingle Tuner is a straight-up GameBoy Advance. So when we look at the Sheikah Slate, it may be more than just an in-game tablet--it could be a glimpse of the NX’s controller.

Sheikah Slate Rune--Stasis

The Stasis Rune temporarily stops the motion of an object by freezing it in time. While an object is in this state, it can absorb any kinetic energy applied to it. For instance, if you perform Stasis on a boulder and strike it with your weapon a few times, it'll launch away once time resumes. The Stasis Rune provides a handy method for flinging an object over considerable distances.

Sheikah Slate Rune--Magnesis

The Magnesis Rune lets you move metallic objects,and can be used in a variety of ways, such as placing a large metal plank in between adjacent ledges to create a walkway or throwing a metal boulder at a pack of bokoblins.

Sheikah Slate Rune--Cryonis

The Cryonis Rune allows you to create pillars of ice from bodies of water, which can be used as stepping-stones to reach faraway areas, barriers that shield you from harm, or wedges that lift up obstacles.

Sheikah Slate--Remote Bombs

Bombs have always been something of a commodity in Zelda games: if you have enough, you're golden. If you run out, it seems as if they're nowhere to be found. Bombs in Breath of the Wild are a now a Rune for your Sheikah Slate and can be detonated remotely. During one playthrough, we tossed a bomb, watched it roll downhill, and detonated it near the base of a tree. The ensuing explosion toppled the tree, which crushed an enemy bokoblin. That's a level of control never offered by bombs in earlier Zelda titles.


Link can snowboard using his shield, which you can trigger at will as long as you're going downhill. In addition to speeding up your movement, you can perform unique attacks while riding your snowboard. For example, you can shoot arrows a la Legolas from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings: Two Towers film and even do a special spin attack that can knock down enemies in your path.

Stealth Mode/Sound Guage

Sometimes stealth in games can feel unfair--you're moving slowly, you've barely brushed against your surroundings, and yet still the enemy somehow knows you're there. Breath of the Wild adds stealth to Link's repertoire with a click of the left thumbstick, then goes the extra mile to add a sound gauge, letting you know how much sound your movements are making.

Link can sneak through tall grass and around corners to surprise bokoblins and other enemies, getting the jump on them and potentially knocking them out or stealing their weapons before they know what hit them. But the sound gauge is the most interesting part of this new ability. A small bubble to the bottom right of the screen indicates the volume of the sound you are making as you sneak through brush and run along toppled ruins.

If you think an enemy might be nearby, you can attempt to be quieter and immediately see if the game recognizes your attempt to make less noise. It's a small touch that will likely make a big difference in Breath of the Wild's moment-to-moment gameplay.

Wolf Link

Like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, Breath of the Wild will have amiibo support. While there will be new amiibo themed around the upcoming game, Nintendo hasn't confirmed what functionality the figures offer. However, it has confirmed that the recently released Wolf Link amiibo will work with the game, spawning the character into the world as a companion that can attack enemies or snatch nearby food items for you.

In addition, you can issue commands to your wolf companion, like “come here” or “stay.” Wolf Link will remain with you as a companion until he is killed, at which point, you won't be able be summon him back until 48 hours have passed in real-time. It's interesting to note that Wolf Link's health will be determined by the score you achieved in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD's amiibo-exclusive Cave of Shadows dungeon.


Unlike past Zelda games, Breath of the Wild emphasizes survival. To fit with this new theme, Link can now cook food, allowing him to create meals that can recover his health and grant him ability buffs, such as a temporary boost in health or stamina. It's worth noting that cooking is the only way Link can gain health, as hearts are no longer found in the environment. This is a drastic change from past games, which have always featured hearts as random drops after defeating enemies or breaking specific objects.

Temperature Gauge

The idea of varying temperatures isn’t an entirely new one for Breath of the Wild. Ocarina of Time required you to wear the Goron Tunic to survive the blazing heat of the volcano atop Death Mountain, and the Zora Tunic gave Link the ability to breathe underwater. This time around, however, these changing temperatures can be dynamic. It doesn’t have to be a simple “wear this to survive here” mechanic; temperatures can vary region to region, even room to room.

Couple this with Breath of Wild's abundance of weapons and equipment and it’s not hard to imagine tiers of heat- or frost-resistant gear. Maybe the Goron Tunic is only good enough to get you up to the Fire Temple, but you’ll need an upgraded piece of armor to survive inside the temple’s inner chambers or boss rooms. All told, the temperature gauge adds a new consideration that could totally change how and when you explore new environments.


Knocking a beehive off a tree and onto some foes is by no means new to this series (or to popular media for that matter). The mechanic first appeared in Skyward Sword, where you could grab one and throw it at an enemy, enraging its bees into inflicting additional damage. But in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, bees and beehives have evolved: they can now be used to inflict damage as well as inject fear and confusion into your enemies. For example, Link can shoot down a beehive with his bow, causing the bees inside to attack and scare nearby bokoblins into abandoning their weapons. This creates an opportunity for you to sway the odds in your favor by rushing the encampment and seizing the bokoblins only means of defending themselves.


Unfortunately, the paraglider seen in the Nintendo’s E3 livestream was not present in the playable floor demo. Past games in the series, such as Windwaker and Skyward Sword, had similar gliding abilities, but Breath of the Wild seems to take this ability further. For example, during the livestream, Link battled a Guardian boss as he rode on horseback and set fire to the plateau between him and the Guardian. Link then charged towards the boss, flipped off his horse, and engaged his paraglider over the fire. What happened next is the real kicker: the upward draft generated by the burning flames lifted Link high above the ground, giving him not only a height advantage but also more fall time, allowing for more slow-motion charged arrow shots. This is only one way we've seen the paraglider used outside of crossing great distances from up high.

New Combat Moves

Classic charged sword spins and powerful combo moves return, but they now drain your stamina. Breath of the Wild forces you to use these moves conservatively, as overusing them will penalize you with exhaustion and prohibit you from using defensive dodges and wind up attacks. However, there appears to be a new combat mechanic that allows you to “cheat” the stamina system: even without stamina, you can perform a “Perfect Dodge,” by executing a well-timed jump/dodge right before an enemy uses their attack, which slows down time for Link. In this slow-motion phase, a “Flurry Rush” button prompt appears; the more times you mash the Y button, the more Flurry Rush hits land on the unsuspecting enemy.

Link can also perform a “Perfect Guard,” by blocking right at the moment of impact from an enemy attack. This has a variety of effects depending on the attack you deflect. For example, if you perform the maneuver against an enemy arrow, it'll launch the arrow right back at the bad guy who shot it. Alternatively, if you perform a Perfect Guard against a melee attack, you'll deflect it and create an opening for a riposte.

Jump Button

Technically speaking, Link has been able to jump in previous games by using items like the Roc’s Feather, but this is the first time we’ve had a dedicated jump button, allowing us to leap across gaps from the outset of the game. No longer are we forced to run off the edge of cliffs hoping Link’s auto-jump launches us where we want to go. This free jump can be combined with the bow for some Matrix-style fun too: leap from a high platform and draw your bow, and time will slow as you rain down arrows from above. Sure, this bullet- (er, arrow?) time consumes stamina, but it feels really cool.


Traditionally, Zelda games have treated equipment as coveted relics; items granted to a worthy person. Each new sword or shield was a symbol of your progress and ability, and came few and far between (with the exception of Link Between Worlds). While it’s safe to assume that there are some permanent, special items you'll acquire over the course of your adventure in Breath of the Wild, Link is more of a scavenger this time around, sourcing weapons and armor from common enemies and the environment--a bokoblin's club can be your club, for example.

This ties back to the game's penchant for survival mechanics, specifically weapon durability. Now, when you use a weapon too much, you can actually break it--a first for the series. It's not clear if this applies to every weapon in the game. If the Master Sword is in the game, as the E3 trailer implies, we're willing to bet it will be immune (or you’ll probably have the ability to repair items). Either way, stripping away permanence and ownership of most items will likely force you to be a more conscientious adventurer, and it's an interesting twist for the series that keeps the focus on Link, rather than the tools on his belt.

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