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Justice League: The Major Things We Know So Far

The Logo

Although we're more than a year away from actually seeing the Justice League movie, recent set visits revealed quite a bit about the November 2017 film, Justice League.

Warning: There are going to be spoilers for the film here.

The logo was revealed for the film, which incorporates a star. While that may not seem like a big deal, in the original comic series, the logo contained a few stars on its borders.

It's One Movie, Not Two

Producer Deborah Snyder has come out during these set visits and said that Justice League is a standalone movie and not part one of a two-part series.

They Are a Third of the Way Through Filming

It was revealed that it will be a 111-day shoot and at the time of the set visit, on June 15, it was day 31. Director Zack Snyder has been tweeting images from the set.

There's a Big Shift in Tone

Batman v Superman was dark, gritty, and grim. Justice League isn't going to be like that. Numerous reports state that the film will be geared towards all audiences and a bit lighter, overall, which includes a bit more humor.

Producer Deborah Snyder discussed this during Vulture's set visit: "What's really great is that where we were going is kind of what the audience was wanting, which is a good thing. We just had to take the characters from somewhere [dark] to bring them up to where they are now."

Ezra Miller's Flash Brings Humor to the Film

Numerous reports from the set are not only saying that the cast is in great spirits while filming, but they're also saying that Ezra Miller, who is playing Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, is bringing some good humor to the role. Many are speculating he will be the breakout star.

Steppenwolf is the Villain

There was been a lot of speculation as to who would be taking on the Justice League, and it was recently revealed to be Steppenwolf. We saw a hologram version of the character in a deleted scene from Batman v Superman, posted by Warner Brothers on YouTube. The character has not been officially cast yet, but previous reports suggested they have narrowed down the choice to a few actors

If you want to know more about Steppenwolf, get a quick 101 on the character here.

Willem Dafoe Plays Vulko

Willem Dafoe was cast, but up until now, who he was playing remained a secret. It was revealed during the set visits that Dafoe will be playing Vulko, the royal advisor to Aquaman. Dafoe will be in a full Atlantean costume and will be a supporting character, not a villain like many people speculated. Vulko will more than likely appear in the 2018 Aquaman film as well.

Amber Heard Plays Mera

Speaking of Atlantis, Amber Heard's role will be Mera, the wife of Aquaman and queen of Atlantis. While Mera has a pretty complicated background, she's a really dynamic and interesting character. However, the chances of Justice League getting into any of that are slim to none. Much like Vulko, her involvement in this film may be brief.

J.K. Simmons Is Getting Jacked for His Role

J.K. Simmons' trainer, Aaron Williamson, has been posting photos of the actor during his workouts, and he looks jacked. Simmons will be playing Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming film, and he's already ripped for the role.

Zeus Will Be in It

There will be a history lesson section to the film where Zeus appears. There wasn't too much else revealed as to how this character will be involved. It sounds like a quick cameo.

Atlantis, Themyscira, and More

Justice League will tell the background story of ancient civilizations and how they play into the film. We'll be seeing Atlantis, Themyscira, Krypton, and the mortal world. In addition, we'll be getting Atlantis during different time periods, building steam towards the solo Aquaman film.

How the Mother Boxes Play Into the Film

There's a little bit of conflicting information here. The majority of reports state that the Amazons, humans, and Atlantians have the three Mother Boxes in the movie. Each of them will be a different color. However, a report from Forbes says there are four Mother Boxes, with the fourth going to Krypton, Superman's home planet, which blew up in Man of Steel. The Mother Box will be the McGuffin for the film. They have great power within them and allow users the ability to travel great distances.

Justice League Takes Place Months After BvS

According to numerous reports, Justice League takes place just a few months after BvS. We'll still be able to see the aftermath of what happened in Dawn of Justice.

Superman Will Appear, One Way or Another

Major BVS spoilers coming! At the end of Dawn of Justice, Superman was dead. It seems a little strange that a Justice League film wouldn't contain the Man of Steel though. Producer Deborah Snyder talked about the fact that we will be seeing Superman. She's a bit cryptic, but it seems like Superman will be in the film:

"Obviously, Superman is part of the Justice League. And we know where we ended up with him. And there wouldn't be a Justice League without Superman, but I think his way back to us ... we don't want to really spoil that. But he is here."

Scientists Are Being Kidnapped

The reason the Justice League is getting together is to investigate kidnappings across the world. Early on, eight scientists have been taken by Parademons. As the story progresses forward, Cyborg's father, Silas Stone, is taken as well.

Batman Has New Toys

Batman will be debuting a couple of new vehicles in Justice League. The first is the Night Crawler, which was described as a tank on four treads that can also maneuver through tougher areas by having metal, spider-like appendages come out of it.

In addition, there's also the Flying Fox, an incredibly large flying vehicle that sounds more like a cargo plane than anything else. Producer Deborah Snyder discussed the vehicle while talking with SlashFilm: "[I]f you’re gonna have a whole Justice League, we have to find a way to transport them. So we have the Flying Fox. It fits all of them, but it also can fit a vehicle in it, so we can bring the Batmobile into the Flying Fox."

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