Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Sony Doesn't Plan to Imitate Microsoft's Xbox and PC Unification Strategy, Exec Suggests

Microsoft's push to unite its Xbox One and PC audiences through cross-play won't impact Sony's plans, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment president Andrew House.

Speaking during Sony's investor day, as reported by DualShockers, House was asked whether Microsoft's new unification strategy would instigate a shift in the PlayStation ecosystem.

"I always hesitate to be drawn into discussions on someone else's strategy," he said. "I'm more than happy to talk about our own strategy... Yes, there was a big emphasis from the folks at Microsoft on Xbox and PC cross-play. It remains to be seen wether there is latent large consumer demand for that.

"But we don't see it as really effecting or prompting any change in our thought process or strategy," he continued. "We have always tended to believe that a proprietary ecosystem offering a very well crafted unified client experience is the way to go, and that sort of remains our strategy."

Thus far, Microsoft's attempts to bring together PC and Xbox One players has resulted in cross-platform multiplayer for Rocket League and the announcement of Xbox Play Anywhere. Revealed during E3 2016, Play Anywhere allows games to be purchased once and then played across Xbox One and PC at no extra cost.

You can see the list of upcoming games that support Xbox Play Anywhere by clicking here.

Of course, the cross-pollination of audiences is also enabled by the inclusion of an Xbox app in Windows 10. The next major update for Microsoft's operating system will have "key gaming features," according to Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra. Among these are the ability for all Xbox Ones to act as development kits, as well as background music and support for the Siri-like Cortana digital assistant. Read more about the update here.

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