Monday, 20 June 2016

Here's When the Next Mortal Kombat X News Is Coming

NetherRealm Studios announced its next game, Injustice 2, prior to E3, but it looks like we haven't heard the last about Mortal Kombat X. Creator Ed Boon took to Twitter to, once again, tease all of his fans with promises of news on the latest Mortal Kombat.

Boon's tweet features strangely capitalized letters, which when pulled out and put together, spell out, "EVO." Mortal Kombat X is part of next month's Evo Championship Series, so it's likely we'll hear something new about the game then.

We don't know what this "news" could be, though I would advise against getting your hopes up. There have been rumors about a third pack of DLC characters, but it could very well be esports focused. It could also be about the mobile game tie-in, which received a large update recently, or something outside video games altogether, like this Mortal Kombat X beer. GameSpot will keep you updated on whatever the news is.

If the announcement was new DLC, it's likely that it wouldn't make it to PC. The second Kombat Pack and XL Edition skipped the platform altogether.

In regards to NetherRealm's next game, we learned a lot about Injustice 2 at E3. You can check out our coverage of the upcoming fighting game through the links below.

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