Thursday, 16 June 2016

PC gaming is the real winner of E3

The meaningless question we ask ourselves every year after spending hours watching executives from the biggest players in the industry try to win us over with their suave confidence or impressive tech.

No one in particular “wins” E3, but it makes for a fun topic of conversation nonetheless. Yet this year, it’s looking more and more like the PC is the real winner here. Despite not having an announced or marked presence – save for the PC Gaming Show – the platform is going to be home to some of the most diverse games line-up in years.

Of course, E3 was never really void of PC games in the past. You may not have heard the word uttered on Sony or Microsoft’s stages, but it was there in the trailers and it was there in press releases. There was always the “and PC” bit at the end of almost all third party announcements. It was expected, only surprising the few times we didn’t hear it.

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