Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why Last Guardian Director Won't Play His Game for a Year

The Last Guardian will finally see release this year, but after all that it's been through, director Fumito Ueda says he won't play the game when it launches. He told The Guardian he would have to wait a while before he looks at it.

"With all my titles--when the game is released, I'm extremely nervous,” he says. "In the week after the release I don't want to look at the game. All I'll see are the flaws. I wouldn't want to see it with that perspective because I don't want to think about regrets. Even seeing tiny bugs I'll think, why didn't we squash that one?

"But sometime later, maybe after a year, I'll be able to calm down and take a look.”

Ueda is known for directing games that feature relationships between protagonists and their friends. Ueda says that Shadow of the Colossus in particular helped inform a lot of what was expanded on in The Last Guardian.

"For me it was the main relationship between Wander and the girl, but after the release, I read a lot of feedback from players who were touched by the game, and they said that the relationship between Wander and the horse was the most important and appealing--we got the sense that this was what most people felt," he added.

"I thought OK, if that's the case, there are a lot of mechanics from that relationship that we could heighten and expand on. That's where The Last Guardian came from."

In the interview, Ueda also talks about how he handles his characters, his video game inspirations, and what he's learned from The Last Guardian's development. You can read the full thing over on The Guardian.

The Last Guardian had a showing at E3, where GameSpot's Scott Butterworth got a chance to play the game. He said, "The somber, almost mystical tone The Last Guardian established in less than an hour of play has me hopeful the final product will be well worth the more than seven year wait when it launches later this year."

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