Thursday, 23 June 2016

All the Hardware We Saw at E3 2016 (Day Three)

Day three wraps up our E3 hardware coverage and during the final day of the show, we checked out a bunch of VR products. (To see what we checked out on day one, click here. To see what we checked out on day two, click here.)

StarBreeze StarVR

While you may know StarBreeze as the company that worked on the Pay Day series, the company is also working on a VR headset. StarBreeze partnered up with Acer, who will be manufacturing the head-mounted display. What makes this HMD unique is that is features a super-wide 210 degree FOV. This is roughly double the FOV of either the Oculus Rift of the HTC Vive.

StarBreeze StarVR

Here is the backside of StarBreeze's StarVR headset. The resolution on the HMD is quite sharp, with two separate panels that are QHD quality (1440p). The downside to the prototype is that it currently features a 60Hz refresh rate, which is significantly lower than the Rift and Vive's 90Hz equivalent. The company does plan to up the resolution when it comes out, however. If you're wondering how much it costs, you might be disappointed to hear that StarBreeze is targeting commercial applications, as opposed to targeting a consumer release. The company also has a partnership with IMAX to potentially feature it in certain IMAX theaters.

StarBreeze StarVR Walking Dead Wheelchair + Gun Demo

In addition to working on the headset, StarBreeze is also working on a Walking Dead VR game. In the demo, our character was wheel chair bound, but we also had a pump-action shotgun that we could use to take down zombies, so the company appropriately brought in a wheelchair and shotgun we could use for the game.

Oculus Touch

We got to play a wide variety of Oculus Touch-enabled games at the show. For those unfamiliar with Oculus Touch, the controllers are motion-tracked and are designed for VR. They are similar to the HTC Vive's controllers in that they allow you to reach out and interact with the virtual world. With them, we played a wide variety of games that included Tron/Rocket League-inspired Ripcoil, horror/thriller game Wilson's Heart, and four-player co-op game Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

HTC Vive

While the HTC Vive is publicly available, we got a chance to try out an awesome new Everest demo. As the name implies, the demo takes you to the summit of Mount Everest. It's more of a cinematic experience (narration included) than a game, and in the demo, we started at Everest Base Camp with the demo continuing to transport us up the mountain until we reached the peak.

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